Preface: I studied Visual Merchandising at LIM College in New York City and these are some of the projects I completed while I was there.

I had to brand my self for this project. This is done through photo shop.

Whittlin Wood

Magazine Advertisment #1

Magazine Advertisment #2

Press Kit Front and Back 

Merchandise Tags and Magazine Ad 

 Merchandise Labels and Magazine Ad

Bags/ Boxes for Purchased Merchandise and Magazine Ad

Wittlin Wood was a store I created in my Display Graphics class.Our assignment was to come up with a store and then create a press kit for it. This would have been a furniture store that sold furniture made from only reclaimed wood. 

This was group project. We were given actual ad campaign Macy's used one spring and were challenged to come up with a mannequin display, in store presentation, and box displays showing product and the theme that goes with it. The theme was "Welcome Back Color." I made the background (abstract sky) by hand sewing different types and colors of fabric together. The tree and bushes were made out of tissue paper. 

I was told for this project to take an object that I had a connection with and either re-brand it or update it's look using insulation foam. I chose Arizona Green Tea.


Mallard was a men's vintage store I created through Visual Retailing ( a computer program that allows you to create a retail space to your specifications). I had to come create special fixtures for the store that would house the product. These pictures above are the different points-of-view. I was inspired by my boyfriends love for old trailers and the mallard ducks in central park. Who knew the two could come together.

Logas Esplanada
















My last semester at LIM College I and my school mates were given the challenge to re-design the first floor of a 36,500 square foot department store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Logas Esplanada By Express is a retailer that came looking to visual merchandising students to see what kind of new ideas we could bring to the table to make the customer want to shop in their department store. We wanted to make the store a destination store that would visually attract the customer and entice them to spend. There are some preliminary drawings included just so that you can see how many steps I took in creating the floor plan and diffrent but universal store elements.

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