Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where are these women?

If anyone has worked in retail long enough (me 9 years....) you know the only thing that keeps the feeling of monotony, boredom,and the what the hell am I doing here thought at bay until its Monday again is "what did we get in today?" The excitement of seeing and experiencing something new is something that we all humans crave. With having said that and working in retail, I feel like that isn't even really keeping my interest anymore; the old is new just as fast as the new is old these days. What truly excites me these days when it comes to fashion are admiring the women who know how to wear clothing in a way that makes me stop and wish I had her closet.

So where are these women? Texas.... no. Actually there are still some hanging around thrift stores and Neiman Marcus Outlets, but only a couple. The rest of Texas women love their leggings and long shirts that cover there butts. There's no harm in being comfortable but I honestly think these leggings are doing us more harm than good ladies. It used to be in the 90's the answer to all your fashion questions was the denim jacket, and then we got sick of it, but at least it still had a quality to it that pulled your look together. Leggings, on the other hand, offer more comfort, elasticity, and chances for men to stare at your butts wishing they could have some of that than a denim jacket. It seems to me the general public of women are not as comfortable dressing up to go to work or whatever function but would rather settle for leggings and a different shirt than the one she wore the day before. It makes me sad, because I know there is so much more out there. 

Anywho, I guess what I am trying to say is that I think we need to step it up women! But not in a way that gives men even more to look at and women even more to talk about (it's true), but figuring out once more how to show off the right places leaving just enough interest for the eye and the right amount style vs trend so that you leave your comrades pallet salivating for more.

one way to do this- no more leggings!

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